The Use of Conversational Intelligence Applications Helps Sales Teams Become More Productive

Sales productivity is a serious concern for business leaders because sales efficiencies matter more than just achieving the sales target. Monitoring the individual performance of sales personnel is a challenging task, and often individual inefficiencies remain camouflaged by good team performance reflected in meeting the sales target.  However, data about meeting sales targets do not reveal the correct picture about the sales team’s capabilities because it does not highlight the aspect of productivity to be more productive. By focusing on the sales team’s productivity, business leaders can unlock their hidden potential and achieve much higher productive sales.

Importance of sales productivity

Sales productivity is all about selling efficiencies that are much more than just meeting sales targets as it focuses on the time taken to achieve the target. Sales representatives must achieve the sales target by better utilizing their time so that they can achieve more with less effort and devote the additional time for achieving more sales. The time taken to close deals and earn revenue indicates sales efficiencies; Important factor for sales managers to explore possibilities of setting higher sales targets that are quite achievable. By determining sales productivity, companies can set realistic sales targets that might apparently appear too stiff but achievable and ensure business growth.

Removing inefficiencies in the system

Companies are keen to identify inefficiencies in the systems, processes; and tools as well as that of the sales representatives who contribute directly to the company’s bottom line. To identify the weak areas that contribute to inefficiencies, business leaders and the management must rely on data analysis by collecting data from various business processes and the entire system.  The results should help identify the areas in which the sales organization should direct their efforts to allow sales representatives to get more time for selling and fulfill higher sales targets.

Make use of conversational intelligence applications

Since typical enterprise software does not provide enough insights about the lacunae in specific areas, that can help to address the issues by directing your efforts at the right places. However, the sales team alone is not to blame for inefficiencies that arise from the overlaps in the processes, systems, and data that point to wider areas for improvement. Instead, they use some conversational intelligence applications, also known as revenue intelligence application. It help measure the sales representative’s activities in real-time while encouraging cross-functional connectivity that can completely transform the typical workweek of salesmen to carve out more time for striking more deals.

Working modality of conversational intelligence

Sales representatives are the face and voice of companies. They are solely responsible for communicating with customers, making them and their bosses; the Sales Managers, the best users of conversational intelligence. The leveraging past conversation flow from various modes of conversation like emails, sales calls; web conferences, or any other type of digital communication. The software helps to assess the effectiveness and outcome of the conversation, thereby providing valuable insights that help to close deals faster. It provides a lot of information about customer pain points, common questions about products, keywords or common topics of interest; the buying stage of prospects, bottlenecks for deal completion, and allied information.

Here are some ways by which conversational intelligence can improve the efficiencies of sales representatives to increase sales productivity.

Do away with manual data entry

As the conversational intelligence software clearly revealed, sales representatives spend much time updating the CRM despite not enjoying the task.  By automating internal reporting and CRM updates, sales representatives would have more free time that they can use for more productive tasks that drive more sales. Besides saving time, automated data entry is error-free, comprehensive, and real-time. Based on the automated recordings of software, you can determine the stage of the deal and plan for its closure.

Shorter but more effective internal meetings

Internal meetings are often a waste of time as it answering questions that have little relevance to the ongoing deals. The inputs of the conversational software are useful for engaging in focused conversations that help improve the skills of sales representatives that help them close more deals.  Every sales conversation makes it possible to address more deal-centric issues during the meetings that speed up deal closure. More focused conversations, the internal meetings are shorter and more effective as it provides more solutions for the ongoing deals.

Restrict the use of emails to be more Productive

With help from the inputs of conversational intelligence, sales representatives can heavily cut down unwanted emails; which eat away a lot of time and impede sales productivity. Chats and emails are essential, but you must use them with restraint so that you do not abuse them. With help from conversational intelligence, you should be able to collaborate by avoiding being intrusive. The system inputs will guide you in setting up a meaningful conversation with the relevant persons. And it does not trigger any stray conversations that delay the closure of deals or create misunderstandings. 

Also, Conversational intelligence provides guidance about where each deal is in the pipeline and how to proceed for its closure.

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